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2013 Bond Info



    Project Overview

    In November 2013, Calhoun County voters approved a $65million bond to update many areas within Calhoun County IndependentSchool District (CCISD), including safety and security enhancements,facility renovations, technology and transportation. Additionally, thebond supports the construction of a new middle school facility.

    CCISDis meeting regularly with Construction Project Managers. CCISD iscommitted to provide updates about the progress made towardsbond-supported improvement projects.


    Informationfor reviews of 2013 bond information.  As you review the bondinformation you may locate information where the financial informationprovided by the Assistant Superintendent for Finance does not match withfinancial information provided on the scheduling and bond financialinformation provided by the architects and construction companies. Thereason for the discrepancy or discrepancies are due to the differentdates used for when the information is provided developed for publicviewing.

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    Board Of Trustee Meeting, March 23, 2015 - Presentations

    Bond Financials

    Roofing Updates

    BTC Phase Schedule

    Program of requirements - Travis Middle School

    Bond Budget and Schedule

    Engineered Projects - Budget and Schedule

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    Update (November 2015):

    TMS Comparison Presentation - November 16, 2015

    Proposed Deletion Bond - November 20, 2015

    Updated Bond - November 20, 2015

    Update (October 2015):

    Sandcrab Stadium’s accessible seating is now complete (both on home and visitor side).

    The track is open for public use. The public is asked to comply with the district’s efforts towards maximizing the track surface’s life span. The official guidelines for public use are posted.

    The Baseball field is complete.

    LCD interactive projectors have been purchased and installed at CHS and the majority of HJM.

    Roofing work is complete at JR’s Gym & Parent center, HJM’s Science Building, Seadrift’s portable building, CHS’s Gym 2, CHS’s Vocational Building, the Appraisal District office (CCISD-owned), and the electrical, welding and main maintenance buildings.

    HVAC installation is complete at JR’s Gym and Parent Center, CHS’s Gym 2, CHS’s Vocational Building and the Appraisal District (CCISD-owned). 

    Keyless entry devices were installed and are being utilized at the following campuses/departments: Seadrift, JR, HJM, Travis gates, Transportation, Maintenance & Central Office.

    Furniture for the CHS Biology lab was purchased and has been installed.


    Update (March & April 2015):

    The track at Sandcrab Stadium is now complete, but willremain closed to the public during on-going construction. The track willonly be available to the schools for conditioning.

    The new scoreboard (sponsored by local businesses) at Sandcrab Stadium was recently installed.

    The press box has been installed at the CHS Baseball field.Concrete will be poured (pending weather) for the new concession area.

    Roofing upgrades are ongoing at Travis Middle School, asidentified in the bond project scope. Roofing is complete at TMS Gym 2and replacement work continues at the front office/band hall area.

    A new HVAC barred unit system has been installed in aportable classroom at Seadrift School and an HVAC unit has been replacedat JR Elementary (5th grade wing).

    The Board has approved the bid proposal for new rooftop HVACsystems in the CHS Vocational Building, CHS Gym 2 and JR Gym. Thisproject coincides with roof upgrades in these locations. 



    Update (February 2015):

    The Board of Trustees voted to putexisting plans (for constructing a middle school at the propertypurchased near Sandcrab Blvd.) on hold and pursue schematic design foroptions for the new middle school at the current site.  Currentbest estimate costs for new construction is approximately $250 persquare foot.  This estimate is derived from information received fromcontractors and from published sources which is approximately $100higher per square foot than was originally estimated in July 2013. 

     Itis important for the community to understand that the final decision ofwhere the new middle school will be built has not yet been made.

    Thebaseball field facilities will be turned over for partial occupancy forthis year’s baseball season by March 10. The only upgrades remainingare the completion of the concession and restroom area.

    Work at Sandcrab Stadium continues. The track base mat has been installed and a protective sealant will be applied.

    Roofing upgrades for CCISD-owned properties throughout the districtare on-going with the completion of the following projects: theappraisal district office, HJM science building and the maintenanceelectrical shop. Work is underway at JR Elementary.

    HVAC units have been replaced at the administration building, appraisal district office and transportation department.

    Additional Chromebooks have been purchased for CHS and Travis campuses. All core classrooms now have Chromebooks sets/carts. 

    Magnetic dry erase boards have been purchased and installed in CHS classrooms.

    The district has contracted with Gallagher ConstructionServices to perform program management services for the 2013 bondprogram and authorized the superintendent to negotiate, finalize andexecute the contract for program management and professional servicessubject to ratification by the Board of Trustees. Gallagher’s servicesinclude evaluation, scheduling, procurement and project management. Areport of their findings will be provided to the district within 60 to90 days.  Gallagher is not working on the projects that have previouslybeen awarded to BTC (the stadium, baseball field and middle school.)

    Questions regarding the status of any district projects can be directed to the Superintendent’s Office at 361.552.9728.



    Update (January 2015):


    Work continues at Sandcrab Stadium to resurface the track. The shot put and discus stations are complete.

    Concrete for the baseball field dugout and bullpens have been poured.

    Playground equipment has been installed at Seadrift, JR and HJM campuses. The playground upgrade project is now 95% complete.

    Roofing upgrades have commenced at CCISD-owned properties throughout the district.

    TheProject Manager for the new middle school construction project recentlymet with Travis Middle School staff and administrators to discuss allareas of curriculum and campus needs. Feedback was documented into aprogram, a tool that will be used to define the schematic design of thenew facility.

    TheBoard of Trustees also authorized the Superintendent to spend up to$125,000 for the purchase of concrete mixer trucks. (Lack ofavailability and reliability of concrete delivery has played a factor indelayed construction progress)



    Update (December 2014):


    New playground equipment was purchased for most elementarycampuses in the district. Installation began this month with SeadriftSchool.

    The interior fencing at the CHS Baseball field is installed.

    A new fueling station was installed at the CCISD Transportation Center.

    The CCISD Board of Trustees approved Phase II of the SandcrabStadium project that will include a new press box with an elevator, newand renovated restrooms, new fencing, additional parking space withlighting and additional seating (1500).

    The board also approved roofing projects slated to begin in early 2015.



    Update (November 2014):

    Work continues at Sandcrab stadium to resurface the track for track & field events. The track is currently unavailable as a venue for community walking/exercise.

    New library furniture has been purchased and set up for Calhoun High School students and staff (shelves, tables, chairs, circulation desk, etc.).

    Digital signage continues to be purchased and installed. Seadrift School received a new gymnasium scoreboard and a marquee has been placed near the outside entrance of Calhoun High School.

    A new fire alarm system has been installed at HJM Elementary.

    Flat screen television monitors have been installed in every classroom at HJM Elementary and Seadrift School.

    Chromebooks are in and are being utilized at many campuses across the district. Funding from the bond purchased Chromebook sets/carts for Travis Middle School and Calhoun High School. This technology is currently being utilized in English and Science classrooms and will expand into Math and History classrooms.

    Similarly, the District purchased Chomebook sets/carts for Seadrift School and they are currently being used in English and Science classrooms. Seadrift School will also be expanding their Chromebook use into their Science and History classrooms. Hope High School has also received a Chromebook set/cart that was purchased with Instructional Material Allotment funding.


    Update (October 2014):

    Safety and security are top priorities for CCISD. The bondsupports the installation of new electronic surveillance systems andre-keying efforts at every campus in the district. Most of that work isnow complete, with a couple of the campuses still in progress. Newdriver’s license scanners have been installed to aid with campus visitoraccess.

    Renovations are underway at Sandcrab stadium. An artificialturf playing field has been installed, which will increase efficiencyand safety for student athletic and band programs.

    CCISD is on the road to success, thanks to the ten newbuses that were purchased with bond-supported funding. Additionallycameras have been purchased and installed into all of the route buses.