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Medical Insurance  The district provides health insurance benefits for each employee.   The district pays a portion of the total cost for the employee only.  Employees may add family members by paying premiums through payroll deduction.  The district's health insurance is with TRS ActiveCare with various options to choose from.  There are three plans for employees to choose, which include prescription and vision coverage.  Mail order service for prescriptions is also available.  Call in and virtual visits now available also.
 Life Insurance  Life insurance may be purchased by each employee through payroll deduction from the approved carrier.
 Dental Insurance  Dental insurance may be purchased by each employee through payroll deduction from the approved carrier.  A family dental plan is also available for purchase.
 Income Protection  Salary continuation insurance may be purchased by each employee through payroll deduction from the approved insurance carrier.
 Cafeteria Benefits Election Program  The program allows the employee to select from a menu of health insurance options, such as dental plan, cancer plan, extended disability plan, medical reimbursement, and others that allow a payroll deduction with pre-tax dollars.
 Retirement Benefits  Employees are members of the Texas Teacher Retirement System.  The employee's contribution is 7.7% of annual compensation.  The State contribution rate is 6.8%.
 Sick Leave / Personal Business  Professional employees are allowed five (5) days of state personal leave and two (2) days of local sick leave annually.  Leave includes personal illness, immediate family illness, death in the immediate family, and emergencies.  Unused state days are cumulative with no limit.  Local sick leave is cumulative to 35 days.
 Direct Deposit  Employees may choose to have their payroll check deposited by direct deposit.
 Tax-Sheltered Annuity  Through this program, known as the 403 (b) Plan, an employee can elect to have a portion of his/her salary invested in a tax-deferred contract, including investments like fixed accounts, money market accounts and a broad portfolio of stocks and bonds
 Worker's Compensation
 Financial and medical protection is provided for on-the-job injuries.
 Credit Union  The District is one of several supporting members of the Coastal Teachers' Federal Credit Union.  The employee's membership in the credit union makes payroll deduction for savings and loan payments an attractive feature.  Other features include Certificates of Deposit, Direct Deposit, Checking Accounts, Master Card, Debit (check) Cards, Money Market Accounts, and Discount Tickets to some entertainment attractions.