Employee FAQ's 2020-2021 School Year

Important Vocabulary

Close Contact  ~  Close contact is determined by an appropriate public health agency. For clarity, close contact is in the Commissioner's guidelines defined as: 

a. being directly exposed to infectious secretions (e.g., being coughed on while not wearing a mask or face shield); or  

b. being within 6 feet for a cumulative duration of 15 minutes, while not wearing a mask or face shield 7/28; if either occurred at any time in the last 14 days at the same time the infected individual was infectious. ”

Face-to-Face ~ All enrolled CCISD students attend school daily, meet with classroom teacher/s and follow all safety protocols, including wearing masks. 

Virtual Learning ~ Students may temporarily exit face-to-face instruction for many reasons including individual quarantine, extended illness or school closure. Virtual learning will take place after orientation week. Classroom teachers will use the district template. 

E-Learning Academy  ~ Students and parents may request online learning for 9 week periods. If the E-Learning Academy is desired, a transfer form must be submitted to the campus or district office prior to the start of school on August 4, 2020.  Applications for the E-learning facilitator position will be open for paraprofessionals and certified staff on July 28, 2020 on the CCISD Employment page

Health and Safety: Key Documents 

Calhoun County ISD Employee FAQ #1

  1. When will school start? Are we still planning to start day 1 with face-to-face instruction?

  1. At this time Face-to-Face students will return to school on August 11-14  for a one or two day orientation. Schedules for orientation are posted at the end of this document.

  2. Orientations will be broken down by alpha or grade level. A survey has been provided to parents to select Face-to-Face or E-Learning Academy and due by July 29th. 

  3. E-learning students will have a virtual orientation on August 11, 2020. 

  4. All students will have daily online activities to complete starting August 11th ( August 10).

  1. Will teachers instruct both E-Learning and Face-to-Face students at the same time?

  1. No, teachers will be designated as E-Learning Academy staff or Face-to-Face with occasional periods of virtual learning as needed.

An application will be posted on July 28, 2020 on the CCISD Employment Page.

  1. What will classroom instruction look like during this time? 

  1. All students and staff will wear facial coverings. Plexiglass barriers are a teacher’s option. 

  2. All district teachers will align their planning to ensure a seamless classroom to virtual transition.  

  3. Google Classroom will be utilized by all teachers to post and upload assignments in all learning frameworks. 

  4. The district has purchased additional supplemental resources for some courses. More information and training will be provided by the campus instructional specialists and district instructional specialists.

  1. Will there be STAAR tests?

  1. TEA will continue to update districts throughout the year with STAAR information. 

  2. Currently, TEA states that students will participate in STAAR testing.

  1. Are teachers required to have the exact same lesson/activity/resource as partner teachers?

  1. Common lessons for all are essential. Teachers are required to align lessons with teachers of the same subject/grade across the district. 

  2. How you teach a lesson may vary. The TEKS and lesson content should be aligned. The use of district adopted resources is expected. 

  3. In the event of an extended quarantine or absence the curriculum must be aligned.

  1. How is COVID exposure and quarantine defined? 

  1.  CCISD policy requires employee masks/ facial coverings to be worn at ALL times. 

  2. “Close Contact” and student/ staff notification is discussed in the Commissioner's guidelines below and defined above. 

  3. SY 20-21 Reopening Guidance Summary July 21 2020 (PDF)July 28  July 21 2020 [Public Health Orders card] provides guidance on quarantine and returning to work. 

  4. Covid self report is required for all employees if ill or if exposed to a COVID 19 lab tested positive individual within 6 feet for over 15 minutes and unmasked July 28. The required self-report can be found at www.calcoisd.org under the employee tab. 

  5. A return to work form can be found at www.calcoisd.org under the employee tab. 

A Region 8 Education Task Force from Bexar County will receive a report and guide the exposure, symptomatic or positive case response. ( 8/10)

  1. What will happen if an employee tests positive for Covid-19?

(a) are lab-confirmed to have COVID-19; or 

(b) experience the symptoms of COVID-19  must stay at home throughout the infection period, and cannot return to campus until the school system screens the individual to determine any of the below conditions for campus re-entry have been met: 

  1.  at least 24 hours 7/28 three days (72 hours) have passed since recovery (resolution of fever without the use of fever-reducing medications);

  2. the individual has improvement in symptoms (e.g., cough, shortness of breath); and 

  3. at least ten days have passed since symptoms first appeared.   See SY 20-21 Reopening Guidance Summary July 21 2020 (PDF) July 21 2020 [Public Health Orders card]

  1. What happens if an employee is NOT positive but is exposed to a lab-tested positive household member? 

  1. Contact the personnel office though the self report form. 

  2. The Commissioner’s guidelines apply, most current ( 8/10)

  3. SY 20-21 Reopening Guidance Summary July 21 2020 (PDF) July 28 July 21 2020 [Public Health Orders card]

  4. A 14-day quarantine period will be necessary. 

  5. The Region 8 Public Health Guidance will be followed. (8/10)

9. What leave is available if an employee becomes ill? 

    1. FFCRA-Covid Response Act: up to 80 hours of paid leave for those who qualify. 

    2. Please contact personnel to see if you are eligible.

    1. Will CCISD provide masks to students and teachers?

    1. The state has provided 30,000 disposable masks and 8,000 washable masks for students and teachers.

    2. CCISD has purchased 800 face shields for employees.

    1.  Students may struggle with masks at first, what is recommended?   

    1. Patience and consistency

    2. Extremely young students may need assistance and more patience.

    3. 100% compliance in hallways and common areas 

    4. A shield will be recommended if a medical condition/ or maturity issue is a concern.

    1. How will students transition between periods? 

    A detailed transition plan on each campus will be developed to minimize the number of students in the hallways.

    1.  Will the CCISD dress code address the changing health conditions? 

    1. The personnel department will publish a 2020-2021 dress code extending Friday dress to Monday-Friday during the pandemic for classroom personnel.  

    2. Jeans, spirit shirt or a professional shirt in school colors

    3. Scrubs are not part of the professional dress code

    4. Administrators, counselors, office staff and district personnel will follow the traditional dress code.

    1. How will CCISD handle busing?

    1. Transportation is in the process of developing the bus schedule and protocols to align with TEA guidelines to include temperature checks and proper sanitation protocols. 

    2. Parents are encouraged to transport students to school when it is possible.

    1. Will both Face-to-Face and  E-learning students have the same expectations and grading guidelines? 

    1. Clear guidelines regarding both attendance and grading will be provided for both face to face and E-Learning students. 

    2. Attendance is required and measured by daily participation, engagement and completion of the daily lessons and adequate engagement in courses. All state rules for daily attendance apply.  

    CCISD grading guidelines will apply to all students in both online or face-to face environments.  For all regular elementary/secondary classes and Middle School honors classes:  50% Summative and 50% Formative. High School Pre-AP, AP and dual credit classes will be 60% Summative and 40% Formative.

    1. When will we have teaching assignments for Face-to-Face or  E-Learning? How will in-service be structured?

    1. In-service will be a combination of district PD, campus PD and time in classrooms. Traditional sessions will be postponed to focus on Google Classroom and safety procedures. 

    2. Small group or virtual sessions are planned.

    3. An application will be posted for the E-Learning Academy positions. 

    4. Scheduling will reflect student enrollment in the programs offered. 

    1. What procedures are in place to ensure students on campus are healthy?

    1. All students and staff must self-screen at home for symptoms of COVID-19.

    2. Temperatures will be taken daily through the large group or individual building systems.

    Any individual experiencing any symptoms for COVID-19 will be sent home and subject to the most current Commissioner's guidelines. SY 20-21 Reopening Guidance Summary July 21 2020 (PDF) July 28 July 21 2020 [Public Health Orders card]  (8/10)

    1. When will teachers be allowed on campus to set up their rooms?

    1. Teachers are welcome to come to campus as permitted by the campus principal.

    2.  Employees must follow the safety guidelines at all times.  

    3. Facial coverings must be worn and social distancing honored.

    1. Will there still be athletics/sports? 

    1. UIL Guidelines apply

    2. E-Learning students will not be enrolled/ scheduled in classes that meet face-to-face each day to prepare for UIL competitions. As a result, E- Learning students will not participate in the UIL extracurricular portion of the class after school or compete in UIL activities.

    1. What is the E- Learning Facilitator  Job Description?

    1. A successful applicant will have a history of effective online instruction through a variety of mediums including Google classroom tools as well as the ability to develop lesson templates for students in multiple grade levels and subjects. 

    2. E-Learning teachers will participate in extensive collaboration with classroom teachers, instructional specialists, truancy/ CCISD police officers and all levels of administration.

    3. Monitoring of student attendance, student progress and initiating student interaction is a daily requirement. 

    4. The E-Learning Academy will be housed at Travis Middle School in the science building. Both office hours and non-traditional work hours are expected. 

    5. E-Teachers may conduct partnered home visits for deliveries, well-checks and required child-finds.

    6. The application will be posted on July 28th at http://www.calcoisd.org/departments/personnel/employment