050322 testing

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State testing this month
Posted on 05/03/2022
.Calhoun County ISD will be conducting state testing May 3 - 18. We would like to share the schedule with our families. Families can support a positive testing experience by ensuring a good night's rest and providing a hearty breakfast. Families can also support testing by avoiding or rescheduling non-emergency appointments during their child's scheduled testing window. We would also like to remind our families that visitors are not allowed on campus during testing. We appreciate our families and their continued support. 

5/3 - Algebra 1
5/4 - Biology
5/5 - U.S. History and 8th grade science
5/6 - 8th grade social studies and EOC makeups
5/10 - 5th and 8th grade math
5/11 - 5th and 8th grade reading
5/12 - 4th and 6th grade math plus 5th grade science
5/13 - 4th and 6th grade reading
5/16 - 3rd and 7th grade math
5/17 - 3rd and 7th grade reading
5/18 - makeups