Notification of confirmed COVID-19 cases at multiple campuses
Posted on 08/31/2021
Calhoun County ISD is sharing the notifications received 08/30 at the end of the day and 08/31/2021, regarding positive COVID cases. Impacted students will be notified through a letter sent home by the school if there is classroom exposure. Close contacts will be contacted by the school nurse or the campus administration.  

CHS: 1 employee and 8 students last on-campus 8/19, 8/27, 8/30 and 8/31

Travis: 6 students last on-campus 8/25, 8/27 and 8/30

Seadrift: 1 employee and 2 students last on-campus 8/19 and 8/31/21

Hope High School: 1 employee last on-campus 8/30

HJM: 1 student last on-campus 8/27