Tutors & Mentors needed at every CCISD campus

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Tutors & Mentors needed at every CCISD campus
Posted on 10/02/2017
Did you realize that thirty minutes, once a week, could forever change a life?

It’s true... Time and time again we get feedback from CCISD teachers, parents and volunteers validating the importance of our Mentor and Tutor programs. A CCISD Mentor or Tutor relationship has many benefits. The obvious benefit for the student is the opportunity to be partnered with a positive adult role model to help them through difficult academic areas or personal situations. But what most volunteers don’t realize until after they have participated in the program is just how much personal fulfillment they will get out of their experience. And ultimately, the life they are changing … is indeed their very own.

Volunteering is also a professional development opportunity for folks looking to gain leadership and communication skills. Volunteering with CCISD can help parents better connect with their own children and/or local educators. Additionally, research has shown that people who volunteer for a cause they are passionate about are happier and much more productive than those who do not get involved in their community. 

As you can see, there are many reasons to volunteer and now is the perfect time to become involved. 
To sign up, please complete the following forms and turn them into Calhoun County ISD's Partners in Education:
361.552.5722 or pie@calcoisd.org

Volunteer preference form