October is Bullying Prevention Month

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October is Bullying Prevention Month
Posted on 10/03/2018

Calhoun County ISD is joining individuals from across the nation – and around the world – to unite in a campaign this month to keep all youth safe from bullying. Bullying is an issue that has affected too many students for too long. All students deserve to feel safe and supported.

Calhoun County ISD’s highest priority continues to be providing a safe and secure learning environment for all students, staff and our community.

To prevent bullying behavior, campuses across the district provide character development programs to promote kindness, inclusion, compassion and prompt reporting of inappropriate behavior. The district partners with local agencies, like The Harbor, to provide educational programs and information. For the past many years, campuses have participated in Unity Day activities during the month of October.

Campus administrators and counselors work tirelessly to guide young people through their thought and decision-making process… and to implement character development strategies that are effective and fun.

To address concerns of bullying, an online reporting tool has been developed and posted at www.calcoisd.org, under the “parents and students” menu and “bully reporting” link. This online reporting tool is available 24-hours a day and is accessible by the general public. The district’s procedure for reporting allegations of bullying is also posted on that page.

The key message for our community to understand is, if you see something, please say something. This messages holds true for bullying, safety and security concerns or any unusual or inappropriate activity. Timely reporting to district and campus administrators with accurate information ensures the concern is addressed promptly and appropriately.

Additionally, Calhoun County ISD’s Partners in Education program brings in positive, adult role models to volunteer to mentor students. Volunteer mentors are effective in helping students navigate through the challenges of their school years. Community members interested in volunteering should contact Partners in Education at 361-552-5722. Male mentors are in high demand.

More about National Bullying Prevention Month:

  • Nationally, one of every five students reports being bullied during the school year. Online, the percentage of individuals who have experienced cyberbullying has nearly doubled over the past decade.
  • National Bullying Prevention Month is supported by hundreds of schools, community members, major corporations, and celebrities, and is an opportunity to encourage everyone to unite for kindness, acceptance, and inclusion.
  • There are many ways to be involved during National Bullying Prevention Month, such as wearing and sharing orange on Unity Day, Wednesday, Oct. 24, to send a unified, orange message of hope and support to those who experience bullying.
  • For more information about Bullying Prevention Month, please visit PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center’s website.