Internet safety tips for parents

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Internet safety tips for parents
Posted on 03/05/2019

Internet safety has been a topic of discussion in the news and on social media lately. There is a lot of information flowing and sometimes it is hard to know what’s a viable threat and what’s a hoax. Here are some general tips for parents to facilitate a safe online environment for their children.

  • Be present while your child(ren) are online.
  • Agree upon ground rules for internet use.
  • Be careful when disclosing personal information, including pictures.
  • Device settings and controls can restrict inappropriate content and help you monitor activity. (For example, on YouTube, you can turn off suggested auto-play.)
  • Teach your children how to evaluate information. Not all information online is accurate or relevant. Be critically aware of sources.
  • Discuss peer pressure with your children and not succumbing to trends and viral challenges.
  • Talk regularly with your child so they feel comfortable discussing issues and concerns.
  • Report and block inappropriate activity and sources.

Sources: Webwise & National Online Safety