Initial assessment of district facilities

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Initial assessment of district facilities
Posted on 08/27/2017

Calhoun County ISD Superintendent Dr. James Cowley has completed an initial assessment of district facilities, post-Hurricane Harvey, and is providing the following summary. Again, this update is based on an initial assessment.

Maintenance building: damage to a widow.

Hope High School: roofs and outside of building appear fine; did not yet evaluate inside classrooms.

HJM Elementary: some under door water seepage; other water infiltration detected from locations that have previously leaked during severe rain; two covers blown off outside machinery; does not appear to have significant damage, at least as detected during initial assessment.

Port O’ Conner: under door water seepage detected in cafeteria and four front classrooms; some water through old windows in classroom, principal office and nurse office; water leaks in a couple of restrooms; damage to a window; small portion of the awning leading to auditorium blown off, gym has small water spot under one vent; water leak in auditorium ceiling.

JR Elementary: inside of the building not yet inspected, but from outside, the roof looked fine; large portion of front fence blown down, shingles blown off a portable building with likely water leaks, some window damage, outer frame of marquee disconnected.

Transportation Building: several carports have been destroyed; roof appears fine; did not yet inspect inside the building.

Calhoun High School:  AC units and roof on main building appear fine; did not yet inspect inside of the main building; Gym 1 sign blown off and one louver is gone; Gym 2 has water infiltration from under doors, through windows and louvers, in the dressing rooms and on the gym floor; Vocational building has with water damage through roof leaks and water seepage from under the doors; Special Education classrooms have ceiling leaks; Freshman building appears fine; Sandies scoreboard destroyed; some tennis screens are torn; baseball wind screens destroyed, baseball overhead backstop torn.

Travis Middle School: the portable building next to the home economics room lost shingles and is likely leaking; awning leading from shop classrooms to Gym is destroyed; Several windows in Gym 1 blown out; portion of Gym 2’s roof blown off; Gym 2’s door is damaged and has water infiltration; water standing in hallway next to new building, water in parts of band hall; library has metal blown off and water is in two light fixtures and in portions of the ceiling; does not appear that library books were damaged; multiple ceiling leaks in auditorium; ceiling in restrooms next to auditorium collapsed; server room appears secure with no water in the room; water has entered new building construction through roof and window openings, despite efforts to block and secure the openings.  

Seadrift School: The majority of the damage in our District occurred at the Seadrift campus. A palm tree is laying on the roof close to the front door; water seepage in one office that appears to be coming in though the wall from the water standing outside; marque has slight damage; water seepage though doors and standing in hallways and front entrance; water seepage though doors in cafeteria; two portable buildings missing shingles and are leaking; band hall roof starting to peel off; large playground awning and braces have been destroyed; small playground awning is blown off; the scoreboard is destroyed; several roads are impassable.

General summary: Currently, Port Lavaca does not have water, sewer or electricity; cell phone service is limited. There has been no timeline yet provided for the return of these services. In order to start the school year, we will need water, sewer and electricity operating. Water has been reported on HWY 87 and 1090. Many power lines are down in the roadways.