Hurricane Harvey update (Aug. 25 @ 10 p.m.)

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Hurricane Harvey update (Aug. 25 @ 10 p.m.)
Posted on 08/25/2017

Calhoun County ISD officials are providing the following updates, based on briefings from Calhoun County Emergency Management:

Hurricane Harvey has made landfall near Rockport at 125 mph as a Category 4. For Calhoun County, the most intense part of this storm is expected around 1 a.m. Calhoun, Victoria & Goliad counties are likely to experience Category 2 storm winds, which are not expected to weaken until Saturday afternoon. Peak gusts are estimated at 110-115 mph. Surges of 9 to 15 feet are expected for most of Saturday and into Sunday. Flooding is predicted through the weekend.

Our thoughts and prayers are with our Calhoun County students, staff and neighbors. Please be safe.