District of Innovation draft posted and public meeting scheduled

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District of Innovation draft posted and public meeting scheduled
Posted on 01/31/2018

Posted 1/31/18. Updated with rescheduled public meeting date on 2/14/18.

Calhoun County ISD is pursuing the designation of District of Innovation. A District of Innovation Committee, with representation from CCISD staff, parents and the community, recently completed and approved a final draft of a plan to move forward.

This plan is the result of much study, deliberation and discussion. The committee addressed three areas:

1. More flexibility to determine a start date that better balanced the days for semester 1 and 2, allowed for more teaching and better planning time while maintaining 187 teacher work days.

2.  Addressed the TEA code governing the length of the school day so that the district would have the option to schedule the occasional late arrival or early out day when needed.

3. Addressed the current and escalating teacher shortage that disproportionately impacts rural districts. We referenced the TEA task force and included a few of their recommendations. (Rural Schools Task Force Report)

There are several more steps for this plan to take so that we honor the checks and balances built into this process. Additionally, all plans are subject to review and approval from the Calhoun County ISD Board of Trustees.  The process is outlined by TEA at https://tea.texas.gov/WorkArea/DownloadAsset.aspx?id=51539609009.

Special appreciation is extended to all who served on this committee and created a plan that focused on student needs. The district also appreciates faculty and staff for their comments, questions and survey responses during this process. 

The final draft of the committee's plan is now posted for review here.

All interested parties are invited to attend a public meeting to discuss the proposed plan. The public meeting is has been rescheduled for Tuesday, March 6 at 5 p.m. at the Hope High School auditorium, at 900 N. Virginia Street in Port Lavaca.