CCISD New Website!

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CCISD New website!
Posted on 08/31/2015
Responsive Design

Calhoun County ISD launches mobile-friendly web site

Calhoun County ISD is proud to unveil its new and improved web site design at

The new design is more modern, user-friendly and encourages collaboration between students, parents and staff.

The site is also “responsive” and easily-adapts to a variety of mobile devices, minimizing the need for users to resize or scroll to view content.

Cosmetically, the new design includes more images, news and featured links.

Users can expect a fresh layout, with all the conveniences of a familiar navigation structure and easy-to-find content.

Specific campus web sites can be found by clicking “select a school” in the top left corner of

Training for staff who maintain their campus/department’s web site content will be available at a later date. Questions about the new design, content or transition can be directed to the Technology Department at 361-551-2645 or ext. 2645 internally.