CCISD transitioning to SchoolMessenger

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CCISD transitioning to SchoolMessenger for important communications
Posted on 02/18/2019

When there’s important information to share, Calhoun County ISD wants to communicate quickly and thoroughly.

That’s why Calhoun County ISD has partnered with SchoolMessager, a leading provider of notification services for parental outreach, emergency broadcasts, student attendance alerts and other communications for education.

Parents and guardians do not need to sign up for SchoolMessenger if they have provided current contact information to their child’s school. Campuses will send broadcasts to the emergency contact(s) on file. Parents/guardians are encouraged to keep contact information up-to-date. SchoolMessenger can be translated into a variety of languages, based on user preference.

Calhoun County ISD will begin using SchoolMessenger on Monday, March 18.

The type of information that is expected to be sent through SchoolMessenger from the district and campus level, includes:

  • Emergency broadcasts (weather-related closures, safety updates) – sent to primary contact and up to six emergency contacts, as indicated to the campus.
  • Non-emergency broadcasts (meetings, events, general campus information) – sent to primary contact
  • Attendance alerts (student is absent) – sent to primary contact
  • Child Nutrition alerts (account balances and events) – sent to primary contact

For more information about SchoolMessenger, please contact your student’s home campus. Campus staff can update primary and emergency contacts, as well as assist users in opting-out of SMS text messaging, if they choose to do so.