Bond project updates

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Bond project update
Posted on 12/05/2016

The following is an update of bond projects recently-completed or nearing completion. Bond project updates are reported at the monthly school board meetings, but here is a bulleted summary as of the most recent board meeting:

Calhoun High School – the tennis courts are nearly complete and repairs to the student parking lot are underway. Covered canopies to back of Main building and Freshman building are complete.

HJM Elementary – entrance doors and hardware are being replaced.

Port O’Connor Elementary – new keying system and card access updates are underway.

Seadrift School – installation of new gym bleachers nearly complete and PA speaker system installation scheduled. 

New Travis Middle School – work in progress to build canopies connecting buildings during construction, complete ramps and building skirting for portable buildings.

Transportation – repairs to parking lot underway and purchase of all route and micro buses are complete.

Furniture received and replaced around the district.

Lighting replacements and retrofits are nearly complete.