Calhoun County ISD investigates and reacts to rumors

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Calhoun County ISD investigates and reacts to rumors
Posted on 04/28/2016

Calhoun County ISD officials are working with the Port Lavaca Police Department and Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office to investigate a rumor that surfaced on social media this week, following an altercation that occurred between students at Calhoun High School.

Appropriate disciplinary measures have been taken with students involved in the altercation on campus. Weapons were not involved.

As a precaution, the district is partnering with local law enforcement agencies to take additional measures to reinforce safety and security in and around Calhoun High School.

Students and parents may notice additional safeguards that have been put into place as a precaution, such as increased law enforcement patrols of the area, increased hallway monitoring by staff and secured entry points into the building.

Calhoun High School is open. The campus is not operating under a lock-down mode.

Social media rumors have surfaced that the campus went into lock down on Wednesday, this is a false. The campus has not gone into lock down operation. One other rumor that has surfaced is that Friday, April 29th was planned as Senior Skip Day.

“At Calhoun County ISD, the safety of our students, staff and community is always our highest priority,” said Calhoun County ISD Superintendent Dr. James Cowley. “When it comes to safety, we fully investigate and react to any question or concern that comes through. We take all potential threats - including rumors - seriously.”

“We appreciate the efforts of our partnering law enforcement agencies and their continued support.”