Calhoun County ISD issues statement about video

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Calhoun County ISD issues statement about video
Posted on 10/21/2015

Calhoun High School Athletic Director Richard Whitaker has confirmed that the item exchanged during a handshake with an official at the end of last week’s televised game against Terry High School was a poker chip (token) handed to him by Athletic Director/Head Football Coach for B. F. Terry High School Coach, Tim Teykl.

The poker chip was picked up off the field and passed around, in good humor, between both team’s head coaches. The chip finally ended up with the game’s referee.

After a video of the exchange was posted online, allegations and rumors followed.

In regards to the exchange, CCISD denies any type of wrong-doing.

Dr. Mark Cousins, Director of Compliance, Eligibility and Education, with the University Interscholastic League provided the following statement from the Referee of the Terry vs. Calhoun game:

“As the Terry vs Calhoun game ended on 10/15, I shook hands with Coach Teykl and then with Coach Whitaker on the 50 yard line. As I shook Coach Whitaker's hand he put a poker chip in my hand that we shook with. Both coaches told me good job and I was happy we had exciting game on TV that was without incident. I thought nothing of it as it just a normal chip and that night I had seen multiple chips on his sideline which I figured were part of something the band was doing for homecoming."