Curriculum and Instruction Department

The Calhoun County Curriculum Department is committed to promoting a strong instructional learning environment that is culturally diversified and technologically based. Calhoun's curriculum sets high standards of academic success that are aligned to the state mandated curriculum and assessments. Assessment data drives individual achievement and curriculum modification in order to prepare each student for the challenge of college and/or the workforce.

Maggie Hernandez
Assistant Superintendent of C & I
Phone: 361-552-9728 Ext. 2619
Joyce Aguilar
Secretary to Assistant Superintendent of C & I
Phone: 361-552-9728 Ext. 2601
Lisa Rambo
Reading Specialist
Phone: 361-552-9728 Ext. 4304
Sherry Morish
Literacy Specialist
Phone: 361-552-9728 Ext. 4303
Lela Tyson
Instructional Technology Specialist
Phone: 361-552-9728 Ext. 2107
Robin Sonsel
STEM Specialist
Phone: 361-552-9728 Ext. 4302
Jacqueline Kovar
District Testing Coordinator
Phone: 361-552-9728 Ext: 2127
Debra Sonsel
Wetlands Coordinator
Phone: 361-552-9728 Ext: 4302

Janie Cook
Eduphoria District Manager & Data Support
Phone: 361-552-9728 Ext. 2105