121720 end of semester messages

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End of semester messages
Posted on 12/17/2020

As Calhoun County ISD completes the first semester of the 2020-2021 instructional year, we reflect on the many accomplishments of our students and staff. We would like to share the following messages:

Face-to-Face and E-Learning resumes on Jan. 5:

We are proud of the work that our staff has done to offer and sustain both Face-to-Face instruction, as well as our E-Learning instruction. We appreciate the opportunity to offer our families a choice of learning formats. Moving forward into the second semester, those options will still be available. Students enrolled in the district’s Face-to-Face learning program will return to school on Tuesday, Jan. 5. And students enrolled in the district’s E-Learning program will resume instruction virtually on Tuesday, Jan. 5, under the direction of their home campus.

Free, rapid, non-invasive & curbside COVID-19 testing is available by appointment:

We are also proud to be offering free and optional COVID-19 testing to all Calhoun County ISD staff and to eligible students with parent permission. We remind parents that this resource is available - just in case you have concerns about symptoms or exposure. Our nurses can give you answers in a matter of minutes. Click here for more information. The district’s Health Services Office is closed from Dec. 21 – Jan. 3 but testing will resume on Monday, Jan. 4, from 9 a.m. to noon. If you have any questions or concerns over the winter break, please feel welcome to email CCISD Health Services at dierlams@calcoisd.org. You may also report illnesses to this email address. 

Thank you staff, students & parents!

We are so proud of our students who have adapted to the increased safety measures during these unique times. Calhoun County ISD is committed to providing students with Face-to-Face instruction as long as we can safely do so. Your partnership is needed to make sure that we continue to keep schools safely open. On behalf of Calhoun County ISD, we wish our families and community a safe and joyous holiday season!