Social Media Rumors

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Calhoun County ISD addresses social media rumors
Posted on 11/10/2017

Calhoun County ISD officials continue to investigate a rumor that surfaced on social media this week of a threat made against some students at Travis Middle School.

At present, the investigation has resulted in the finding of no weapons on the campus, no hit list located and no student in danger. Additional false rumors cited threats of a possible shooting or violent act and that a shank was found. There was nothing found in the investigation that would indicate a viable security threat at Travis Middle School.

When campus administration was made aware of rumors, immediate action was taken to remove any potential threat to students and staff. No viable security threats were present.  The student involved in the investigation is not at the campus or in the District at this time.

Administration at Travis Middle School is attempting to contact parents that have made social media posts to see if they have additional information for the on-going investigation into the social media rumors. Parents with concerns or information are encouraged to contact the campus.

“At Calhoun County ISD, the safety of our students, staff and community is our highest priority,” said Calhoun County ISD Superintendent Dr. James Cowley. “When it comes to safety, we fully investigate and react to any question or concern that comes through. We take all potential threats - including rumors - seriously.  Calhoun County ISD administration does appreciate parents for alerting the District of social media post as they often contain unverified information and opinions that may not contain important facts that have been investigated.  The District remains on a diligent alert about potential violent acts considering recent national and state incidents. We encourage students, parents and community members to report concerns directly to district administration. ”