Calhoun County ISD announces Teachers of the Year

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Calhoun County ISD announces Teachers of the Year
Posted on 05/08/2017
.In honor of Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week, Calhoun County ISD is proud to announce the following Teachers of the Year for 2017.

One outstanding educator at each Calhoun County ISD campus is recognized for their overall contributions and performance in one or more of the following areas:

  • Meet or exceeds local attendance rate goal
  • Exceeds state or local student achievement averages 
  • Demonstrates above average student growth on assessments or demonstrates closing achievement gaps of students
  • Positive evaluations by Principal
  • Goes above and beyond to accomplish campus, staff and/or student goals or set by Campus Improvement Plan
  • Makes a significant impact on the success of campus, staff and/or students

Congratulations to the following Teachers of the Year:

Andreanna Martinez
Teacher of the Year
Calhoun High School

Betty Tinsley
Teacher of the Year
Hope High School

Greg Knowlton
Teacher of the Year
Travis Middle School

Mollee Anne Sistare
Teacher of the Year
Seadrift School

Jenny O’Neill
Teacher of the Year
Port O’Connor Elementary

Rachel Holsey
Teacher of the Year
HJM Elementary

Mary L. Torres
Teacher of the Year
JR Elementary