Sandies win state powerlifting championship (12 years running)

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Sandies win state powerlifting championship (12 years running)
Posted on 03/23/2017

Our Sandies did it again!

Congratulations to the Calhoun High School Sandies Powerlifting team for winning this year’s state championship. Our Sandies have won the state powerlifting meet now for 12 years in a row! What an incredible record!

 “A huge congratulations goes to Coach Bagwell and Coach Kellie Whitaker for the outstanding job they did in preparing our Sandies for the competition and for the way they conducted the strategy on the day of the meet,” said Dr. James Cowley, Superintendent of Schools.

The Sandies state scores were impressive. They took first place with a score of 32 points. Second place, Brownsville Lopez, scored 26 points and third place, College Station, scored 23 points.

Team members:

Jason Bagwell and Kellie Whitaker- Coaches

97 lbs - Rhema Orta - 3rd

105 lbs- Present May - 1st

             Madison Maldonaldo - 4th

114 lbs - McKayla Cortez -1st

123 lbs - Danielle Bacon - 3rd

132 - Skyleigh Sears - 1st

        Genesis Villarreal - 3rd

148 lbs - Erica Garcia - 7th

165 lbs - Hannah Spencer - 16th