E-Mist Technology and Touch Point Healthy

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E-Mist Technology and Touch Point Healthy
Posted on 03/09/2017

Calhoun County ISD is proud to announce the Touch Point Healthy campaign, a FACTS based best practices protocol combined with E-Mist Surface Management Technology ensuring that touchable surfaces throughout the district’s schools are frequently disinfected and treated to create cleaner, safer, healthier learning environments. 

Calhoun County ISD recently purchased E-Mist Innovation’s EM360 BackPack Infection Control Systems through our partnership with Joe W. Fly Company in an effort to better disinfect our campuses. The E-Mist technology provides us with the means to evenly, comprehensively, and frequently apply safe, environmentally friendly disinfectants and antimicrobials in the precise amounts to touch point surfaces. 

E-Mist Innovation’s EM360 utilizes electrostatic technology and induction charging of liquid droplets to produce precise, controlled, high performance liquid application capabilities for treatment of surfaces people touch.  The electrostatically charged liquid droplets are attracted to targeted surfaces magnetically and adhere to surfaces.  E-Mist is the means to uniformly apply disinfectants and other antimicrobials in precise amounts to all touch point surfaces.  E-Mist is an important new tool in our efforts to eradicate harmful infectious pathogens. 

Calhoun County ISD has invested in this innovative new application technology in an effort to help stop the unnecessary spread of sickness and infection in our campuses amongst students, staff, and parents.  Systems have been purchased to treat our campuses including the athletic facilities, classrooms, and transportation department.  

With Touch Point Healthy and E-Mist Infection Control Systems, Calhoun County ISD continues its commitment and dedication to providing healthier learning environments for students, parents, faculty, and our community.  Visit emist.com to learn more about E-Mist electrostatic technology and Touch Point Healthy best practices.